St. Mary’s Church, Pilton

Would you like your child to be baptised?

(often called Christening)

At St. Mary’s Church, Pilton we welcome parents to bring their children for baptism.

Baptism marks the beginning of a lifetime journey with God. But would anyone put their child on a train and send them off all alone? We believe parents would want to travel with their children, and make the journey together.

Baptism also marks the lighting of a tiny spark of Christian faith in a child’s life. If a water heater has only a pilot light, can it really do what it’s designed for? The tiny spark needs to become a full flame or it doesn’t achieve its purpose. The time after  baptism is the crucial period for you to help your child’s faith burst into flame.

Learning about Christian faith is not like learning facts for a test. It’s about getting to know God in a living relationship, just like a parent and child. The most important way your child can learn this is by watching your example as you pray, worship, and let God play a big part in your life.

We want to help you do the best for your child, so we invite you to take three steps…..

Step 1 - Starting off

Your child is so amazing! The new life that has arrived in your family is one of the best ever gifts to you from God. We offer you the opportunity to say a big thank you to God in a short celebration in our main Sunday worship together.

Step 2 - Exploring

As parents you are amazing! God loves you, and has fantastic plans for you and your family. We offer you the opportunity to discover what this is all about by meeting together.

Step 3 - Stepping Out

A final time together prepares you for the baptism itself, looking at the promises you will make to God, and the promises God makes to you. The baptism then takes place in our main Sunday worship together.  We will help you choose a date, and there’s no rush! God is good - all the time!

Contact  Revd. Nigel Dilkes. The Rectory. 4 Northfield Lane. Pilton. Barnstaple. EX31 1QB

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